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Finding the emotional root of any uncontrollable emotional eating behavior, whether binging, overeating, not eating, purging, over-exercising, or being obsessed with healthy food, amongst others, is the first step toward finding the solution towards peace regarding your relationship with food. 


By understanding what is causing your unhealthy relationship with food, you can regain power over your emotions, mind, and body and consciously decide to act better for healthier eating patterns.

Because food is energy and nutrients, it is also connection, family, social interaction, community, culture, heritage, love, happiness, and enjoyment. It is essential to regain control of your relationship with food. Freeing yourself from trauma and limiting beliefs and getting rid of those subconscious blocks will help you finally be able to nourish your body without rigid restrictions.

Hack your mind so that when you look in the mirror, instead of feeling ashamed or disgusted by societal rulings of how we should look, you can like your silhouette and finally love yourself. When we understand that we see with the information in our mind and not with our eyes, we know that the real solution to body image issues starts in our brains. 

¨Your relationship with food is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with the world.¨

Zya Barceló

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