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Seduction Conflict

Today extreme thinness is sought as a synonym for beauty in many cultures, which has made many women feel dissatisfied with their bodies by not being able to keep up with those canons of beauty that cause many eating disorders.

If it were known that rounded shapes in females are biologically more attractive to males, round hips would cease to be a conflict in many societies. Furthermore, if the female feels she cannot attract the male because she is not attractive enough, she rounds up to ensure she gets the male's attention. The seduction conflict is primarily a female conflict.

Animals also associate round shapes with good health. A lion won't go near a starving lioness. On the other hand, if it sees a lioness with rounded shapes and is well-fed, it will look for a way to reproduce with her. That is the biological logic of the animal world. Whether we like it or not, in biology, round shapes are a sign of good health, especially for reproductive health. Society handles anti-biological beauty canons because our brain does not necessarily understand that extreme thinness is synonymous with good health.

When the woman's body becomes rounded, for example, in the hips, it may be due to a bioShock, a dramatic event, lived alone and without a solution, where she did not feel chosen. There may also be an unconscious need to start a family and, therefore, the male needs to choose her.

The emotional experience of a woman who suffers from a seduction conflict looks like this: "he rejects me, he does not like me, I'm disgusting, I'm not enough, I don't attract the attention of a male, I don't have a man to protect me and accompany me, I do not have someone who facilitates the family nucleus to be able to have my life as a couple.¨ This will generate stress, which biology solves by accumulating fat in areas that enhance feminine forms. Again, men will always prefer a woman with more shape and rounder than a skinny woman.

This has a biological logic behind it, a man who sees a woman without hips, the first thing he thinks biologically is, how will she carry my baby? And is she going to feed my baby? The biological sense of gathering fat to have more rounded shapes in biology is a sign of reproductive health.

Example of a case:

A single woman goes to a party. She notices her friend, who already has a partner, attracts all the attention of other men. She feels unchosen. She immediately has an unstoppable urge to eat and heads to the dessert table. She chooses to get liposuction to make herself more attractive. However, she ends up too curvy after the surgery, and she does not like it. Biology solved her seduction conflict by making her hips rounder. In her society, thinness is glorified, so she doesn't feel attractive. By understanding the 'what for' of the biological solution her body gave her and a few Biological Decoding sessions, she began to love herself as is. All she needed was to feel accepted first by herself and then by others.

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