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Do you have a specific number of kilos or pounds that you can’t lose?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The number of extra kilos or pounds your body holds can be important. Numbers are clues that bring us closer to conflicts related to that stubborn excess body far. Our unconscious mind tends to memorize data linked to negative impacts experienced unexpectedly, dramatically, without expression, with no apparent solution and lived in solitude. During your program at the Emotional Eating Institute, we will consider the number of kilos or pounds and discover if they have any conflicting representation for you.

For example, for a person with 14 extra kilos, I would ask them, What happened to you when you were 14 years old? Or, what happened 14 years ago? It is a task of digging deep until we find the event that triggered the weight gain as protection from an unresolved emotional conflict.

While investigating the life of a client who was 18 kilos overweight, we found that at 18, she lost her mother, which she experienced as a great trauma. She felt abandoned. She could not mourn her mother's death, so her unconscious mind incorporates that figure into her body to retain the person. This is an example of blocked grief, called in Biological Decoding, emotional incorporation, by Dr. Sallomon Sellam. The emotional experience felt is, ¨I can't stand the lack of the other, ¨ and, ¨I bear the fact that they are no longer present,¨ and biology bring the missing person stored in the form of extra weight. She lost those extra pounds when the client became aware and released the unexpressed emotions.

When biology stress, the kilos add up, and the number allows the person to connect with their unconscious mind and reveal conflicting information. Another client told me, ¨I have 20 kg left over, and I have gained it in a year¨, just after the end of 20 years of marriage. The beginning of the emotional conflict and its location in time was obvious: "I don't want to let go of these 20 years of marriage. I'm going to put them in my body," unconsciously speaking. In this case, mourning the breakup of the marriage and letting go was what we worked on during the session. If she had given time for a duel after her mother's death, biology would not have the need to express the accumulated stress.

If it is a few kilos, 2 or 4 extra kilos (4.4 – 9 pounds), it could be unfinished or uninitiated grief from abortion.

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