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My Mission


To empower people from leaving victimhood behind towards becoming 100% responsible for their life. 

By putting light into the origin of every emotional block or limiting belief and by understanding that every symptom such as emotional eating, all have a reason for being, we create awareness towards knowing that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us.

¨ Don't look outside of yourself. It will be in vain and you will cry every time an idol falls apart.

A Course in Miracles, Text, Chapter 29, VII


"As above, so below, as within, so without."

Correspondence Law


¨ Blind Pharisee! Clean the inside of the glass and the plate first, so that the outside is also clean, ¨

The Bible, Matthew 23:26

My Credentials



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Terapeuta en Vinculación


Trastornos Alimenticios desde la Biodescodificación Biológica

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B.S.. Food and Nutrition Science

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Acompañante en Bioneuroemoción®

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Health Coach

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 Emociones detrás del Sobrepeso

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Psicosomática Clínica del Sobrepeso y Obesidad

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My Story

I started modeling at 14, an industry full of comparisons where the obsession with a slim physique and a young face made you valuable. Modeling pushed me to study nutrition and learn how to control what I ate, resulting in a life full of eating disorders, a mix between body dysmorphia, bigorexia, and orthorexia - a harmful obsession with healthy eating and exercise.

I got married and left my clinical nutrition practice to dedicate myself to my family, where I traded my obsession with healthy food and exercise for the one of binging. 


Such was my discomfort that life forced me into a crossroads. I could keep living like a zombie, totally disconnected from myself, anesthetizing myself with food, or search for something else, deep within me.

I undertook a journey into the unknown, full of uncertainty, where I finally understood, after so much unconsciousness, that if I wanted to see changes in my life, I had to start within. I immersed myself in many paths: spiritual, scientific, and psychological, to study the deepest and most painful parts of myself.


I want to share with whoever seems to have everything but feels a vast void, with people suffering from emotional eating or body image issues, with seekers of something else than the compliance with the socially acceptable tools that helped me be myself.

I am Zya, and if you feel my story resonates, I am here to accompany you to see things differently and finally change your life.


¨ We need to unlearn much of what we have been programmed since birth. Empty those wounds inherited from our ancestors. Much of that software no longer serves us. It hinders us. By emptying those harmful programs, we can consciously and carefully choose to fill ourselves with information that serves us, that benefits us. Because we reap what we sow.¨

Zya Barceló

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