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Prohibition of Pleasure and Food

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

¨I have learned to make other activities my happy place

and not make food my only happy place. ¨

This is a phrase a client told me after continuously losing weight for over six months while working on Emotional Eating. We found out that she used food as an escape and distraction from having to do very forcefully specific responsibilities at work and with her family.

There are people like my client who only live to fulfill duties. To meet their obligations and live with so

many restrictions that the only pleasure they allow themselves is the fulfillment of food. Because for people who live to be hyper-responsible for their ¨I have to and must do's,¨ sometimes food is the only socially accepted joy they have. This can cause overweight or obesity and other health problems that accompany these conditions. For example, many women were educated to think that sexual pleasure is wrong or a sin, so many will look for that much-needed pleasure or sweetness within the food.


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